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While I have always had a camera close by and have taken pictures from a very young age, the ART in my photography came at a later stage in life.

After needing to leave a nursing career that was beyond my wildest expectations, there was life needing to be lived.

The canvas was 11 acres of farmland that was wet. We created a stream, planted over 1000 trees and shrubs, planted flower beds, and brought nature back. As I photographed the progress, my camera and I were capturing so much more than trees and flowers. I was slowing down and capturing the texture, color, light, shadows, details...

We lived on the property 22 years and having sold in 2015, we are making the downsize move.  We are splitting our time in Southwest Florida, and central Indiana.


The plan is to travel some and see more.  Which will be a joy for my camera eye. 

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