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About that logo that shows up on every photo... That is to protect myself from thievery.  The watermark makes it much harder for someone to take the photo and claim it as ones own.  Yes it happens.  Each photo I take has my own copy write.  If I haven't given permission to use it then it is stolen.  Luckily for you...if you purchase a photo that logo water mark isn't printed on your ordered photo.


All photos are for sale and are offered at a modest price.   The sales helps offset costs such as keeping this website on line.  I would have to sell a lot of photos to cover the expenses of my camera equipment. 

If you can splurge, I really recommend the vivid metal prints.  They are outstanding in the print quality, the pop of colors, and are ready to display or hang.  This is my own personal preference and all printed photos I have are now being printed on this metal.